Last Updated: Sep 06, 2018 10:43AM PDT

Registration and Housing Warning: Watch out for Scammers!
We want to alert you to a growing issue and to help you avoid being scammed.
A number of fraudulent and unofficial housing and registration websites posing as SMACNA’s registration and housing provider continue to emerge each year. Most recently, these groups have been directly emailing attendees, soliciting hotel reservations and registrations and requesting payment through their websites. Do not register or book a hotel with these third-party companies; you could ultimately lose money and their websites do not guarantee your registration and/or reservation.
Tips to Evade Scammers
Avoid Google and other search engines. Get information directly from the official SMACNA meeting web pages or our website. Scammers pay to position ads at the top of your search results, including the fraudulent sites that use the SMACNA name and meeting details.
  • Refer to the official SMACNA Site: Avoid using search engines and find event, registration, and housing information directly from the official SMACNA meeting web pages and CMR’s website(s). Scammers often pay to place digital ads at the top of your search results to promote their fraudulent sites. Their sites incorrectly use SMACNA’s copyright, name, and meeting details.
Book and confirm your registration/housing with CMR. Always login in to and go directly to the CMR website. Third-party companies often illegally represent themselves as travel agencies, soliciting attendees and exhibitors, and offer to assist with hotel reservations.

Ignore and delete phishing emails. These emails pose as the SMACNA and try to entice you to disclose personal information, such as your username, password, or bank account details.

These third-party companies will often use a fake email alias and sender name to hide their true origin and to appear as a legitimate registration/housing vendor. Emails may bait you to click on insecure links and attachments. Look out for legitimate contact information (such as phone numbers or email contact) that match the support information listed on the official SMACNA’s and CMR’s websites.

If you are contacted by any agency other than CMR, please notify CMR.