Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 04:33PM PDT

For a full refund, the cancellation request must be received on or before August 31, 2019. Cancellations received between September 1 and September 20, 2019 will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee. Cancellations received on or after September 21, 2019 will not receive a refund.

To submit your cancellation request, send us a message via the 2019 SMACNA Registration & Hotel Support Center:
  • Select Exhibitor for Attendee Type.
  • Select Registration for the Case Category.
  • Select Modify or Cancel Exhibitor Registration for the Topic.
  • Complete the required fields and request the cancellation in the message body, including your registration confirmation number. Your confirmation number can be found on your actual confirmation.

Note: If you also booked a hotel reservation for 2019 SMACNA 76th Annual Convention, you will need to request a cancellation for this as well. This can be included in the same message.